Gold Account

Gold Account: build up your long-term investment with small payments

Gold Account

Gold Account is a savings and wealth preserving program recommended for the long term. Essentially, under this plan you accumulate your savings in small amounts, but continuously, in physical gold. Think of it as a bank account, with the difference that the balance of your account is represented not in money, but rather in physical material, in fact, in grams of gold.


Advance savings account for the long term in investment gold, built up by small payments
• You can accumulate a long-term reserve by making regular small payments, even as little as ten thousand forints in terms of magnitude.
• The average price of regular purchases mitigates the risk of price volatility substantially in the long term.
• You can obtain any part of your accumulated physical gold stock in the form of gold bars at any time.

Lots of benefits and flexibility in one solution
• You can make your payments in three currencies: in forint, euro and/or dollar.
• You decide whether to make monthly or quarterly payments.
• Payments can be made by bank transfer, postal check or at cash desks in banks at over 400 locations in the country.