About us

About us

Solar Gold Zrt. is a significant player of the Hungarian investment gold market. The basis of its activity is the development of gold account financial solutions, sale of investment gold bars and the provision of the related safekeeping services.


Solar Gold relies on its global compelling partners for its transparent and competitive prices and safe operation. Solar Gold buys the investment gold directly from Argor Heraeus of Switzerland, one of the largest “Good Delivery” refiners of the world with an international classification. G4S, one of the largest valuable's transport companies of the world, ensures the transport, storage and safekeeping of the gold bars.

Our philosophy

We believe in gold, in the accumulation of wealth. We realise that trust is the most important factor in investments, which must not only be acquired, but also preserved. This is exactly what we aim to accomplish with our professional staff, well-developed investment gold solutions and the full range of our storage and safekeeping services.
Our mission is to introduce our domestic customers seeking to save their funds to the opportunity of the accumulation of investment gold, a form of savings that has rich traditions in developed countries, pointing out that as an essential part of financial culture, gold has its deserved place among everyday savings.